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Australian Botanicals Fill Bondi

Posted by Joshua White on

Australian Botanicals Fill Bondi

Marrying the fragrance of unique Australian botanicals with a lush mix of essential oils and natural ingredients, the Bondi Wash range of unique products are good for the planet and your home.

Belinda Everingham, the founder of Bondi Wash, was inspired by the novel 'Perfume' by Patrick Susskind, which is all about the evocative power of scent. Surrounded by native flora, while on holidays in Far North Queensland, Belinda wondered whether Australia could create beautiful fragrances and products from native botanicals, like the French have been doing for centuries.

Mr and Mrs White worked with Belinda in creating the first flagship store for Bondi Wash, something that reflects the beauty of the product without overcrowding or cluttering the space. The majority of the joinery was created using solid maple, which features the brands signature circle branding throughout. White Onyx stone was also used to both compliment the timber joinery as well as reflect the wash of waves crashing on the shore (Bondi Beach) which of course is the birth place of the brand and its flagship store. 

Visit Bondi Wash - 76 Gould St, Bondi Beach NSW, 2026


Photography by Joshua White

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