The Mum of Feather Drum

The Mum of Feather Drum

Celebrating Mother's Day coming up on Sunday 8th May, Mrs White interviewed Kelly Wright, the founder of Feather Drum - a children's clothing label, and mother to daughter Willow. In the interview, Sasha gains insight into Kelly's journey, the trials and triumphs of juggling motherhood and running a growing business.

Tell us a bit about Feather Drum - what was the inspiration behind starting this label?
As cliché as it sounds...the birth of my daughter, Willow Niah, inspired me to create Feather Drum, a high-end kids clothing label for boys and girls newborn - age 12.
At the time I struggled to find clothes for her that were not pink, lilac or covered in gaudy cartoon characters. There was nothing on the market that reflected the rich earthy colours and bohemian flair that I love. A few simple words from my supportive partner ('so why don't you design them?') set the wheels in motion and in no time at all I had filled sketchbooks with designs.

I never expected the label to take off so quickly, particularly overseas and without doubt, it's definitely been more work than I anticipated.  Within the first year we were stocked in over 12 States in the US and had stockists in Japan, Korea and Kuwait. The label is now beginning to break into Europe, but as a proud Australian brand, my focus will always remain closer to home. 

You started the business when your daughter Willow was very young. What was it like embracing motherhood and the demands of a new business?
At the start it was very tough as I was still working part-time as a lawyer, whilst also setting up Feather Drum and facing all the challenges of spawning a new business…plus getting to grips with motherhood itself, (not helped by having a touch of post-natal depression).

I couldn't have done it without the help of a very supportive family! At times (and occasionally still do) I would have huge guilt pangs about not spending enough time with her but quickly realised that it's not always the quantity of time you spend with your child but the quality of time.

We now have our morning and nightly routines and Friday, Saturday and Sunday are our days together where I try (wherever possible) not to do any work at all.

What do you love about being a mum?
The thing I love most about being a Mum is watching a little person you have created grow and flourish whilst they retain their very own personality and characteristics with which they were born.

I see my role as a protector and a guide, imparting values I personally find important such as kindness and compassion to humankind, animals and our planet, yet allowing them be their own person, and to grow confidence in who they are as an individual.
Whilst being a mother has been one of the most challenging roles I've ever played, it's definitely been the most rewarding. Nothing can come close to when a small pair of hands clasps your face and, eyeball to eyeball with yours, a little head says 'I love you Mummy'.

How will you be celebrating Mothers Day this year? 
Hopefully we'll be escaping down to a favourite spot of ours on the Coal Coast for beach hangs and a nice Mothers Day lunch.


Happy Mother's Day, from all of us here at Mr & Mrs White.


Visit Feather Drum's Website:

Photography by Joshua White

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