We craft furniture from a desire to live life simply and to live it well. Designed by Nathan and Sasha White and made in Australia, Mr and Mrs White designs are crafted using materials that are natural, long lasting and that get better with age. Timeless, functional and well made, we are devoted to the development of original design that adds value to your life.

Quality Craftsmanship

We believe in the quality that comes with handcrafted furniture. A background in traditional boat building led to a love for timber and a genuine respect for the skills and processes involved in transforming this raw material into something that can be used, loved and appreciated for many many years. 

Family Values

Our love for the home and what we put in our home is is at the core of what we do. From the beginning we have designed, developed and tested our furniture in our own home. We understand that a space will continue to evolve as your life does and that it's important to get the foundations right. We believe that furniture can bring freedom of expression through thoughtful selection, simplicity of design and attention to detail. In all that we do our family values of quality, honesty and simplicity are at the core.