Salty Kidz

Salty Kidz

In the heart of Avalon, on Sydney's Northern Beaches, tucked away next to Avalon Community Library in the Angophora Arcade, has sat a specialty kids store known as I Am Kidz Boutique. The store has been supplying shoppers with quirky and cute children's clothes, gift ware and accessories for the past 15 years. 

Having lived in Avalon for some time, Nathan and Sasha naturally came across I Am Kidz when they had their first daughter, Selah, 4 years ago. They built a relationship with the stores founder, Jo, over the years and worked together for the first time on an counter for I Am Kidz store front.

Over the next couple of years the store progressed, adding ladies clothing to the department, a larger range of kids clothing, toys and accessories, I Am Kidz was ready to move forward. Having been a part of the progression, Jo and Sue wanted Mr & Mrs White to help the transition of I Am Kidz Boutique to what we now know as Salty. The update was to be a breath of fresh, salty air into the centre of Avalon, stepping up with a complete rebrand and revamp.

We created raw American oak angle brackets to support the glossy white rod and American oak middle shelf, the trademark triangle rack to match the the wall opposite, and an LVL feature wall behind the American oak counter focusing on lines and spacing. Finally adding The Box Chair and the very new Baby Box Chair to top it all off.

The I Am Kidz ocean parted and Salty was born.  

You can find the new Salty store at:

55 Old Barrenjoey Rd, Avalon Beach NSW 2107.

Photography by Joshua White

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