Banquette Seating is Back Baby

Banquette Seating is Back Baby

Banquette Seating, also know as "booth" seating, generally entails some sort of built in bench seat against a wall, using a combination of timber and upholstery. Often used in restaurant designs, this style was also commonly used throughout homes in the mid to late 1900's.  If you have ever bought an older home chances are you pulled one of these retro gems out or if you're that way inclined you decided to hold onto to it, along with the 70's flower pattern upholstered cushions it came with...we dig it. 

Last year we were approached by CM Studios to design a banquette for their clients brand new home on Sydney's Northern Beaches. We were excited with the opportunity to design this piece, looking at the traditional "booth" style and re-designing it for the modern coastal retro flowers in this design, sorry guys.

A unique consideration of the design was that it was to be positioned in the corner of an open window area, allowing a visual of the banquet backing from the outside onlooker. To allow that open, airy flow that the house embodied, we decided to design the backing to well, have no backing. With clean lines being an important component, we positioned a low rail to wrap around the L shape banquette, permitting the fine timber detailing to be seen from the back and on the inside the tan leather upholstery is present for maximum comfort. There is a subtle curve on the end of each rail and base, hugging in the ends, and continuing in this same line with the arch like ends of the dining table. 

After much designing, drawing and discussing material options with clients our craftsmen were put to work. Below you will see the final result ... a modern and minimalist twist on the traditional banquette seating.

House Design: CM Studios; Builders: Bau Group Construction; Photography: Prue Ruscoe; Styling: Alexandra Gordon



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