Styling with Timbers

Styling with Timbers

When selecting your piece of furniture, there are a few types of hardwood timbers to choose from. Our American Oak, American Ash, Hard Maple, and Walnut timbers all have unique grains and shades that are favoured by various styles. Below we have arranged our timbers to common design styles to help guide you towards your favourite timber of choice.


Keep it Simple.

 For a timeless and neutral style, our American Oak wood is the perfect choice. This hardwood timber is very clean with a fine grain, and has slight variations of colours from blonde to light brown. This timber is perfect for the minimalist, neutral minded person who likes bringing warmth to spaces through the use of timber.


Mid Century Style.


Our Walnut wood brings a level of sophistication with its chocolate brown colour and grey accents throughout the fine grain. It’s rich and inviting tone gives a strong nod towards mid century contemporary aesthetics. This hard and resilient wood is perfect for creating a contrasting scheme, by pairing its darker tones with neutral whites.



 For a Scandinavian inspired look we recommend choosing American Ash. Ideal for lightening spaces with its naturally blonde sapwood and unique greyish brown to pale yellow grain, this wood is perfect for the person who likes a simplistic clean light look, and would like to maximise light within a space.



 Hard Maple has a relaxed coastal aesthetic with its raw finish and creamy white consistency with flecks of light brown. It’s subtle and tight grain gives a sense of across the timber, and its lighter coloured grain portrays a warm and modern feel.




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