Wyalba - Natural Australian Perfumery

Wyalba - Natural Australian Perfumery

Earlier this year we worked with Belinda Everingham (owner of BONDI WASH) on her third retail space in Paddington Sydney. This time for a brand new concept she had been working on - an Australian Natural Perfumery called Wyalba.

In collaboration with perfume artisan Samuel Gravan, Wyalba perfumes are all handmade in Sydney using only natural ingredients. Natural fragrances have been used for thousands of years with proven effects on mood and feeling, not to mention they are also much healthier for you then standard perfumes that can be full of toxic ingredients.  

When we sat down to develop the design concept it was clear that the space needed to reflect the natural beauty of the landscape that the fragrances represented.

Wyalba's three signature fragrances will transport you to distinctive places and experiences in this wide brown land - from the wild coastline to the cities with vibrant rambling gardens, through deep cool water holes and fire-scarred forests to the vast open plains and hot dry desert landscapes.

Through a thoughtful selection of materials and a moody colour palette we ventured to transport the customer into the landscape of the perfumes. Textural walls of rich clay, warm chocolate walnut joinery weaved in with the natural and exquisite beauty of the tiger onyx stone and reeded amber glass - all working together to create a visually warm and natural environment to house the Australian scents. Like the bottled scents themselves we wanted the store to have a radiating warmth and golden glow to the whole space. 

It was a pleasure designing and crafting this space and always an added bonus when you get to work with brands and individuals that align with your same values and passion for handmade natural products that are both good for you and the environment. If you are ever in the area please do stop by and support the wonderfully Natural Australian perfumery - Wyalba. 


Wyalba Store404 Oxford Street Paddington NSW 2021

Store Design, Joinery and Furniture by Mr and Mrs White / Building works by Lamond Projects / Packaging design by Julia Jacque / Photography by Jacqui Turk 

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